The films characters of David and Stephanie were named after David Baynham and Stephanie Bennett...the actual curators of the museum,


Both David Baynham and Stephanie Bennett also appear in the film...

Stephanie Bennett appeared as the police officer Cathy.


David Baynham appeared as Abraham Hubbard.


During filming the father of actress Ashleigh (Beth) said he saw a ghostly boy...seen by many visitors to St. Johns House over the years.


On the last day of filming switches (only accessible by tall step ladders) were turning on and off.


From the first letter written on the script to the completed film the entire production took 3 months.


Did you see the hidden 'witch' on our home page?


The same week we shot Annabellum, the BBC were shooting on the same road at the Lord Leycester Hospital with the late Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner) and Guy Pearce (Iron Man 3)

In 2000 Craig actually worked with Rutger on the film 'Lying in Wait.' He played the medic pushing Rutger's wheelchair.

We both worked at Warwick Castle when we were teenagers.

Carl had the keys to the castle and his job was to go in alone early in the morning to open up the torture chamber, dungeon and other areas . The scene where Chris (security guard) 'boo's' the waxwork dummy was based on Carl's real experience. He believed that if he frightened the waxworks first, they couldn't frighten him...they still did.

Thomas Oken Tea Rooms used to be an old doll museum and is located about halfway between Lord Leycester Hospital and where we shot at The Warwick Fusiliers Museum (St. John's).  It's where we used to go for tea and sandwiches with our mum. We sat there talking about how creepy the museum used to be and the first seeds of Annabellum were sown.



Monique Todd who played curator Stephanie didn't like doing close up scenes with the doll.

Setting up with lights and cameras before shooting. Aiden Metcalfe (Director of Photography) was a star in his own right.

Shooting the very last scene of the film two days before 'wrapping.'

Callum who played John and Ashleigh who played Beth were both a joy to work with.

For most actors time on set can be mainly spent waiting for their scenes.

For most crew the time on set is manic!

Craig showing everybody his thumb has fallen off.


Lastly and by no means least. A big and sincere thank you to our actors. They made our job not only easy but very enjoyable. Michelle Goode...the voice of Annabellum particularly so.

Monique Todd

Scared of the doll

Ashleigh McCallion

Scared of long trip home

Liam Clarke

Scared of nothing

Chris Millward

Scared of make-up

Callum James

Scared of our catering

Andrew James Mead